We at KTG are exporter of variety of customized spices , spice blends & seasoning solutions to the discerning customers from the various foods industries

Red Chilies

Harvesting Season: January – August
Botanical Name: Capsicum frutescens
Family: Solanaceae Variety: Cracked, Coarse Ground, Ground, Fine Ground
An indispensable culinary spice, it comes in various shapes and coloursChilli is he dried fruit of an annual sub-herb. It is also called as capsicum, paprika, sweet pepper, red pepper, pimento, cayenne pepper etc depending upon the manner in which it is prepared and used. Chilli comes in a wide range of shapes, sizes,color and degrees of pungency.Some varieties of chilli are highly pungent, medium pungent, others flavorsome but not pungent. Chilli is propagates by Seeds.
Black Pepper
Botanical Name: Piper nigrum
Family: Piperaceae

Harvesting Season
October – February
Cracked, Coarse Ground, Ground, Fine Ground

Pepper is one of the oldest and best-known spices in the world. Indigenous to India pepper is popularly known as the King of Spices. From time immemorial, India has always reigned supreme in the production & export of this most exotic and renowned spice in the world. Pepper plant is a perennial climber with dark green leaves and spikes of white flowers.The peppercorn is a berry like drupe, about ½ cm in diameter, green when unripe and then red. Black pepper comes from whole fruit, picked just before they are completely ripe and dried. It is ideal for planting in the ground as well as in a container. Peppercorns are very strong in aroma and taste and can be stored for many years without losing its flavor. It is commonly used in all dishes as a very popular spice and in canned foods as a flavoring agent. It has medicinal properties for fighting colds, flu and infections, to energize, increase circulation, to warm and relieve muscle aches and stiffness etc.The fruits are treated in many ways.


We are capable of exporting 3-4 teus in monthly basis .

We export the goods in the packing of 250 gms , 500 gms and 1 kgs . We can do it as per the client’s requirement also i.e. 10 kgs or 25 kgs packing in gunny bags . Our key commodities are Turmeric, chilli, pepper, corriander , cumin , fennel , celery , ginger , cloves , cinnamon , cardamom, fenugreek , mustard seeds , etc.

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